Every ARC program receives an independent, professional evaluation. Here is a selection of student comments about their experiences and master artist/teacher Anna Sanko.

“I liked it because it was fun and you got to work with your friends. I learned how to cooperate."

"I learned something, it was not boring, boring, boring."

"It was fun because everybody was involved. I love working on a team."

"I loved it because it made me learn and made me know my community better."

"I liked talking about why we did things and how we might change things."

"It was a real big experience, pretty excellent."

"It was difficult and frustrating sometimes but fun too. It was challenging"

"I think this program is cool, really awesome. I think Ms. Sanko is really nice, kind and all the other wonderful things you can call a nice teacher. I liked this design class because it used measuring and it involved questions and color and creative thinking. It is so cool I could hardly wait for each day…"

"I think this program is cool, really awesome...I want to do it again and again!"

"This program is so cool, cooler than all the other programs, you rule (teaching artist). We all love this program."

"You speak kid language, that is something special that not many adults have, I can understand you in a way that nobody else can."

"You (the teaching artist) talk in a way that you know that we will understand."

"I learned a lot (from the teaching artist)! I paid attention to every word she said....I was so excited to be with her everyday...she is my favorite!"

"Ms Sanko is lie the master of buildings. She is like Albert Einstein!"

"I wish everyday at school was like this…"

"This project is so amazing. I hope we do it again!"


Students talk about using their math skills

"The math was amazing, I never understood the meaning of perimeter and area until she (teaching artist) explained it using my project."

"I had no idea that we could figure out the cost for a building with our 4th-grade math."

"I learned how to measure using my design. I didn‘t really know how to do it before."

"I learned that math could actually be really fun. I learned how to make a model by learning the process."

"I can help my parents now when we make design changes in our house...how much things will cost and what to think about."

"I have learned how to connect math with models. I can use this skill by teaching my brother this."

"I learned how to measure and why it is important."

"I learned how to build models. I can use this knowledge for when I have free time at home."

"I learned how to use my timetables and how to work with scale and multiply halves."

"I learned how to do math much better than I used to know. I learned why you need to know math!"

"I learned how to make landscapes, buildings, and use my math in a creative way."

"I really didn’t know math was fun until now."

"I think learning new things can be fun! I also learned that making models can be hard but easy once you get the hang of it…..Plus if your good at math, your going to love the formulas!"


Students talk about creativity and problem-solving

"I liked this design class because it used measuring and it involved questions and color and creative thinking. It is so cool I could hardly wait for each day..."

"I learned how to make something I thought was impossible."

"I learned how to make a building and be creative."

"I liked it because we could build our ideas and make models to write about."

"I learned how to make different kinds of drawings to show my ideas."

"It’s very fun to be creative and put things together."

"It was great fun figuring out how to solve the problems."

"I liked the projects because they helped me understand different ideas."