What is ARC?

The Architecture Resource Center creates hands-on K-12 classroom workshops and textbooks that teach design-thinking and creative problem solving. The ARC uses building, construction, and design activities as a way for students to apply science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM subjects), social studies, and art  being taught at their grade level.


“It was fun because we all had jobs to do and we all worked together to make beautiful stuff.”



Programs and Recognition

Programs are developed in collaboration with academic scholars and accredited design professionals, and have received awards from state, national, and international organizations as well as businesses.


“We cannot diminish the importance of a partnership between those with vision and those with the skill to make that vision a reality.”

– Anna Sanko, ARC Executive Director

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How Students Benefit

In addition to reinforcing and connecting STEM concepts to everyday life, students also collaborate, and in the process learn about themselves, their relationship to each other, their families, their community, and their environment.