Every ARC program receives an independent, professional evaluation. Here is a selection of teacher comments about their experiences and master artist/teacher Anna Sanko.

"This was a great project that integrated content across the curriculum while providing opportunities for differentiation and for all students to use their own personal strengths and styles to solve a problem."

"I would really like to integrate aspects of this project, such as measurement and design problem solving, into our geometry units."

"Students learned how to better use rulers and improved their retention of the measurement formulas."

"The students were excited to use their new understanding of design concepts and the application mathematics knowledge to complete their projects in preparation for sharing them with others."

"Integration of STEM concepts, especially in the area of math, in the curriculum and the kinesthetic/hands-on focuses of these lessons provide students with opportunities to engage in creative, challenging and substantive learning."

"This was a great introduction to the world of architecture and made STEM, especially math learning, interesting and relevant to all students."

"Parents liked that the students were exposed to a field of learning that isn't usually made available until college or high school."

"The activity was motivational and the students loved it."

"The teaching artist did an excellent job mentoring and modeling instructional techniques that excite students and lead to content learning."

"The teaching artist was adept at talking about design and community in a way that fifth graders could understand, taking a relatively complex subject and making it user friendly for both students and teachers."


Teachers talk about "real world" subject matter

"The real-life aspect encouraged student investment in the activity and improved the quality of their work."

"I learned how to use the context of students’ lives to make learning more understandable and relevant."

"As I learned how so many factors must come together to make a successful city, I certainly have new respect for the knowledge and energy put into the structures around me."

"Before this activity I was oblivious to the planning it takes to place a building in any space."

"The real-life aspect encouraged student investment in the activity and improved the quality of their work."

"This focus provides so many teaching and learning possibilities and provides opportunities for students to experience the real-world application of math concepts."

"Fabulous subject for interdisciplinary learning, especially in regard to its connection to everyday life."

"I will adapt this concept of incorporating real-life challenges and activities into the math, science, literacy, and social studies curriculum."


Teachers talk about student achievement

"It provided students with various problem solving techniques and tools that could be used by all and gave them ideas and possible choices for future learning."

"Every student produced quality work on a challenging project that provided opportunities for every student, regardless of ability, to find success."

"Students were able to discuss projects using proper vocabulary and given an opportunity to highlight their artistic side."

"By the end of the project every student was proud of their work and happy to share it with others."

"Students experienced boundless opportunities to show their ideas and problem-solving skills, as well as skills from different subject areas."