ARC Mission  & Vision

Our mission is to improve K-12 students’ creative and problem-solving skills by using ARC’s educational programs that apply the principles of architecture, urban design, engineering, industrial design, and graphic design.

ARC’s vision is that each student will have a heightened appreciation of how architecture and design relate to the world around them and be empowered with 21st century skills and a design thinking framework they can apply to every aspect of learning and life.

Brief History

The Architecture Resource Center was founded in 1991 as the education component of the non-profit Connecticut Architecture Foundation. Because of our rapid growth, successful programs, and vision for expansion of services, the ARC was incorporated as a separate non-profit organization in March 2005.

ARC's programs are organized into three categories:

K-12 Programs
Master Teaching Artists/Designers conduct 90-minute classroom workshops daily over 5-10 days. 

Community/Festival Programs
ARC collaborates with cultural and social-service agencies to create participatory family events.

ARC leadership participates in state, national, and international conferences and organizations focused on advancing the field of Design Education.

How we do it

ARC programs show students how to use what they're learning in the real world. 

ARC creates participatory and hands-on programs that:

Reinforce students’ learning through applied science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)

Stimulate and foster critical, creative and problem-solving skills for students and teachers

Establish partnerships among families, schools, communities, and businesses

Encourage meaningful design programs as part of basic education that include the principles of architecture; urban design; engineering, industrial design, and graphic design





Since 1991

Raised more than $2,000,000 in grant awards from private, local, state, and national sources.

Implemented more than 2,000 workshops throughout the Northeast attended by 65,000 K-12 students, teachers, and families

Developed Design Connections Partnership Program for New Haven Public Schools grades 1-5 – each program is designed to reinforce grade-specific curriculum subject matter

Provided year-long, in-class programs for three major Connecticut cities – Hartford, New Haven, and Waterbury

Presented national professional development institutes for K-8 teachers in partnership with Yale University

Published New Haven's Cultural Landscape: its changing people and places, currently used in 75 New Haven fifth-grade classrooms

Developed Hartford Connection, a publication for CT middle school students and teachers that illustrates the history of Connecticut through the changes in its built environment

ARC leadership has become a thought-leader in all things related to Design Education and is sought after to participate on national and international boards, panels, and to present at multiple conferences